Scott Hessell

I love teaching.  It is as simple as that.  I love the process of helping someone - be that in a formal classroom, in an online course, with an employee or colleague in my private business ventures or with my 15-year old daughter at our breakfast table.  There is little more reward that I get than seeing someone finally understand a new concept and how it all fits together for them.  It may take some serious effort, cause frustrations along the way and ultimately challenge us but, in the end, the reward for both student and for me is priceless.

I found my way to teaching - at least in a formal classroom setting - when a former classmate and friend of mine encouraged me to apply at a local community college where she worked to teach an introduction to business course.  I had always enjoyed the process of teaching at work so I thought I'd give it a try.  From day one, I knew it was where I should be.  While I continue to serve in some private business roles - in a couple startup companies - and do some consulting, teaching just matched up so well with my personality and interests.  I have been challenged to capture the essence of a subject and translate it to students but I have and continue to enjoy every minute!

It took me many years to find my passion but, even this late in my career, I'm glad I did. 

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