Lundgren Scholars Program

Creating Pathways to Industry for Outstanding Students 

The Lundgren Scholars program is a one-year program to engage and develop students as they pursue a career in the retailing, brand and related industries.  These career paths may include traditional routes such as buying/planning, store management, supply chain management and others but also through a perspective of entrepreneurship, technology, e-commerce, information, marketing or more. Lundgren Scholars have the opportunity to access all that the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (TJLC) can provide, including executive seminars with some of the most prominent thought leaders in the industry, full access to the Global Retailing Ideas Summit, one-on-one professional development coaching, direct access to corporate partners when they visit and more.

In addition, Lundgren Scholars will have the opportunity to work on a year-long special project of their choosing. The core objectives of this project are to delve deeply into a specific area of retailing so as to grow one’s own skill sets; to contribute to the overall knowledge base of the Center, associated students and the industry as a whole; and, to provide valuable support and engagement within the Tucson and Arizona community. Examples could be working with a non-profit in Tucson to enhance the performance of their physical retail space or e-commerce site or connect with a local entrepreneur to support them and learn how they persevere when faced with a challenge.

Each Lundgren Scholar will earn a $5,000 stipend. At least one Scholar position will be reserved for a student in the Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) major while the others will be available to all majors on campus. Students will need to demonstrate, through a competitive application process, their interest and goals in being named a Lundgren Scholar.

The Lundgren Scholars Program is more than just a funding opportunity. It is a year of meaningful experiences for students pursing successful careers in the retail industry upon their graduation from the University of Arizona.

Application Process 

2020 Scholars 

Abby Pennix 

Abby Pennix is a first-generation college student in her fourth-year at the studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Sports Management. In addition to being a full-time student, Abby currently works full-time at Goodwill of Southern Arizona as a Store Lead. When she found out about the Lundgren Scholars program she was specifically drawn to the Scholar Project. She would like to use this opportunity to network with individuals in the retail industry and grow personally and professional through this experience.



Alexa Tuttle

Alexa “Lexi” Tuttle is a senior studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences with a minor in Fashion. She currently works as both a marketing assistant for UA Global and as a co-manager of social media for UA Study Abroad. She is also a member of the UA National Retail Federation Student Association club. She was personally interested in the Lundgren Scholars program because of the opportunity to contribute to her community through a project of her own design. She believes that there is no more engaging way of learning than through actual doing and no more fulfilling way of succeeding than by doing good for others. She is hoping to use this educational experience as a way to increase her understanding of the industry, learning directly from its innovative leaders.

Mireya Quiroz 

Mireya Quiroz is a junior studying Illustration and Design within the School of Fine Arts. She is a freelance designer, illustrator and is also currently teaching Art at a local middle school, in addition to being a full-time student. As a freelancer, she was interested in the Lundgren Scholars program because of the opportunity to research the process of ownership to access. She is hoping to use this experience to better understand the aspects of the value chain within retail.