The Retail Fuse Recap

Sept. 19, 2022

Hear what RCSC students have to say about The Retail Fuse Event!


This past week, The Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing hosted, for the first time ever, The Retail Fuse, an event for retail-focused students from across campus.

As a Retailing and Consumer Science student myself, this event was incredibly informative for the students looking to gain access into the industry. Speakers for the event included Terry J. Lundgren, former CEO and Chairman of the Board for Macy’s and Ofilio Arguello, Senior Vice President of Planning for Victoria’s Secret.

Hearing from these seasoned professionals was a unique experience and opened the door for students to connect with industry and recruiters in a unique way. Listening to what they had to say about career paths, trends in the industry, their personal experiences, and innovation was inspiring. The event also provided students the opportunity to share their perspective with Mr. Lundgren and Mr. Arguello on important topics and how to best connect with customers. Attendees learned how much the retail industry is evolving and growing to make room for new generations. 

The talks on the industry was followed by the opportunity to networking with professionals from 10+ recruiting companies, such as Brooks Running, Chico’s FAS, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, PetSmart, Sprouts Farmers Market and more, allowed students to have an in-depth and valuable conversations about the industry and the work the companies are doing to have a positive impact. The experience and connections were invaluable! 


Here is what some of the attendees had to say:

“As a transfer from Pima Community College, the Retail Fuse was a huge deal for me. I had never been in a space where I shared so many different interests with so many different faces. It felt fulfilling when I was finally able to develop a clear version of what I wanted to pursue in life. The Retail Fuse is great for everyone to explore opportunities and to develop themselves as professionals in the industry.”

Christian Eduardo Felix, Retailing and Consumer Science Junior 


“I think it was a great networking experience, [TJLC Director] Scott Hessell did an amazing job at keeping [the event] organized and keeping the conversations flowing. Great people, great students, and great opportunities throughout the night. I had my eyes open to new careers that I may never have thought about, like alcohol sales. All in all, it was an amazing event, and I was pleased that I had the opportunity to attend!”

- Allison Kelton, Retailing and Consumer Science Senior