Dr. Ellen Goldsberry

Throughout my higher education teaching career, I placed high value on supplemental, enriching learning experiences beyond the classroom, even before internships were encouraged or offered for credit.  I very often observed students perform at a higher level when they understood the application of subject matter to their career endeavors.  Thus, it was very exciting when the opportunity to develop a Retail Center became a reality..…to develop strong working partnerships between the university and retailers at the corporate level and to provide students increased opportunities to expand their professional skills and their relationships with professionals in the field.

The Retail Center’s original goal and what makes it unique is that it is focused on student involvement with the industry, both on and off campus as they complete their degrees. The Center has been true to that goal through maintaining strong industry partnerships and providing effective opportunities for students to learn as well as build professional communication and leadership skills that enhance their coursework and allow them to further excel toward their professional goals.

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