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At Leonisa, we take pride in the leadership position we’ve maintained in the Central and South American lingerie market for over a half a century. We know a great deal about intimate apparel. Since 1956, our passionate design and production team has been successfully creating enormously popular shapewear and lingerie collections. The designs, which appeal to women’s coveted characteristics of playfulness, confidence and allure, has made Leonisa the best-selling intimate apparel brand in Latin America and a major contender in the US.

Juan Felipe Duque

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Leonisa is the only vertically integrated lingerie company in the western hemisphere and one of the few left with this advantage worldwide. The company has evolved with the industry’s trends and technological advances by employing top-of-the-line machinery and sourcing the highest quality fabrics from around the world. To ensure that the brand’s innovative and consistently evolving designs maintain exceptional value, we produce 93% of our garments in-house from scratch.


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