Gretchen Schultz

My summer internship was incredible!  I have been immersed in what I anticipate and hope will be my future: the job title, the work, the city.  I learned so much about not only the profession I aspire to work in but also about my work habits and the environments I thrive in.  My Retailing and Consumer Sciences course work provided me with tools that made me knowledgeable about the “brand” behind a company, how to gain consumer attention, and how to manage a company’s strategic direction.  Working in Los Angeles for D2Publicity – a company that represents many retailers - I realized how important and relevant my retailing classes were to so many aspects of the job. They really helped provide me with a rich understanding of how a business works.   I utilized my ability to speak insightfully about branding, fashion, and designers to enhance my experience and felt that that really gave me an edge among others.  

One of my assignments was to promote brands via social media, which included photographing items we had in our show room and reposting celebrity or fashion bloggers.  I also ran analytical software weekly to check on the efforts made to increase brand awareness and worked hard to ensure company aesthetic was not altered.  I have gained insight into what is necessary to create powerful media announcements and press releases.  During my internship I worked as a team on a project with three other interns. We were each assigned an integral part that would come together with all of our individual efforts.   

This has been a fabulous opportunity to learn how to work in a great company on a team and to apply the knowledge from the classroom!  I have increased my understanding of public relations and the work that is necessary to be successful in this field as well as being able to be the liaison between the general public and a brand.  I hope to fine-tune these skills this upcoming year and am excited to apply what I have learned to both classes and real world situations.