Ashley Hanna

After graduation, Ashley moved to New York City to work for her dream company, Burberry, as an assistant menswear buyer. Experience gained and relationships formed, Ashley took a leap and joined a fellow free spirit in moving to Chicago to work for a menswear start-up called Trunk Club. A year later, Ashley moved to Dallas to help Trunk Club open their first expansion office.
After Trunk Club was purchased by Nordstrom, Ashley joined Mizzen+Main, leading the Dallas start-up as Vice President of Sales.
It was on a business trip to Florida that Ashley’s life changed after a horrific car accident that confined her to a wheelchair for months with a broken femur, hand and shoulder. Ashley was determined to make something good come out of something terrible, and during her recuperation, her current entrepreneurial business, Uptown Grass, was born.
Inspired by the difficulties she had living in an apartment in a wheelchair and trying to potty train her Goldendoodle puppy, Ashley took the knowledge she had gained from working with two successful start-ups and formed Uptown Grass, a service that delivers local-grown sod to apartments and condos for dog owners with limited access to the outdoors.

Launched in August 2016, Uptown Grass is helping dog lovers in Dallas make apartment and condo living more convenient for their furry friends. Ashley hopes to expand to Miami, Boston, Houston and New York City in the future.