Through our partnerships with select Retailing organizations, the Terry J. Lundgren Center Retail Innovation Lab aims to expand the boundaries of retailing with innovation and research, and is an initiative of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (TJLC) at the University of Arizona in partnership with the McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship in the Eller College of Management with the support of other university organizations.

The consulting lab - the initial effort of the Retail Innovation Lab - brings together a group of faculty and undergraduate and graduate students focused on developing a deep analytical understanding of a company’s specific challenges and opportunities and collaboratively exploring innovative solutions and approaches to them. 

The Retail Innovation Lab’s second initiative is to create a real world store lab in which associated faculty, students and clients can work together to develop and test in-store customer engagement strategies with real products and real customers in a live market environment.  With this store lab changing monthly with an entirely new environment, testing objectives and associated findings, the resulting insights provided to Lab partners will be significant.

Our focus is on working with our clients to identify and articulate their needs based on current and future risks and strategies and given the evolving industry, competitive and customer landscape. 

A core group of students and faculty drawn from the retailing and consumer sciences program and other appropriate disciplines will help develop the initial foundational knowledge for the project.  This will include utilizing a variety of design-thinking tools including visualization, journey mapping, value chain analysis, concept development, assumption testing, and customer co-creation.  As a project advances, its work may expand or pivot that may lead to its scope evolving and its team characteristics shifting. 

The end objective is always to provide actionable strategies and solutions for the client.