Audrey Caldwell

My name is Audrey Caldwell and I'm a senior studying Retailing and Consumer Sciences, and also hold the Vice Chair position on the TJLC Student Advisory Board. Recently, I was given the amazing opportunity to attend the Las Vegas Souvenir and Gift show through the National Association of Retail Buyers scholarship I was awarded. Members from the NARB board were extremely hospitable and flew me as well as two other recipients out, and planned two busy days filled with shadowing the best buyers in the souvenir industry. It was an incredible experience to learn the buying process for the souvenir industry, as it is different than traditional department store buying. Simultaneously, the experience was very dynamic because we were able to shadow buyers for very different attractions all over the country, in addition to understanding the vendors point of view. Buyers came from attractions such as Yellowstone National Park, the Biltmore, and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, to name a few. We also had the pleasure of taking a tour of the M&M's World Store from the Global Product Manager at MARS Retail Group. Through this once in a lifetime opportunity, I made amazing connections and learned so much about retail that I will carry with me throughout my career.