Retailing and Consumer Sciences Faculty

The University of Arizona's Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) is an Academic Program of the John and Doris Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences. Our mission is to provide world-class education on the business of retailing by integrating excellent instruction with cutting-edge research on consumer behavior and retail management. We aspire to be the program of choice globally among the few institutions  focused exclusively on the study of consumers and the business of retailing, resulting in a Bachelor's of Science degree. 

Director, Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing, Associate Professor of Practice and Lundgren Teaching Fellow

I love teaching.  It is as simple as that.  I love the process of helping someone - be that in a formal classroom, in an online course, with an employee or colleague in my private business ventures or with my 15-year old daughter at our breakfast table.  There is little more reward that I get than seeing someone finally understand a new concept and how it all fits together for them.  It may take some serious effort, cause frustrations along the way and ultimately challenge us but, in the end, the reward for both student and for me is priceless.

Associate Professor, CESI Co-Director & TJLC Research Fellow

As a consumer scientist and management scholar, Dr. Bhappu is an expert on digital retailing and service delivery, as well as workplace diversity. She has been studying Millennial engagement in collaborative consumption for the past several years as Co-Director of the Consumers, Environment and Sustainability Initiative (CESI). She recently founded Sharing Tribes LLC to develop and market an employee sustainability program for the Millennial workplace. She was previously on the faculty at Southern Methodist University and Georgetown University.

Undergraduate Coordinator, Senior Internship Coordinator

Part of my responsibilities at the Norton School are as an educator. The synergy between students and the material I'm teaching in the Leadership, Ethics and Management Practices class is especially transformational and truly rewarding.

In addition to teaching, I am the coordinator for the outstanding RCSC internship program. This program allows me to maintain my interaction with retailers, keep current with retail trends and assist students with their career choices.

Associate Professor, Co-Director of CESI - Consumers, Environment & Sustainability Initiative

Working as a faculty member at the Norton School, I am responsible for providing a first-class learning experience for my undergraduate as well as my graduate students. When I came to Arizona from my home country, Germany, in 2008, I encountered vast differences in the educational systems that translate into differing expectations, achievements and desires of students, faculty and society. Living and working here, as well as profiting from UA’s constructive environment, is a great learning experience for me.

Associate Professor

In childhood, my family encouraged me to be artistic, to build and craft things and to draw. With their support, my creative interests and skills led me to art school, where I majored in interior design. Graduate school allowed me to study environmental design, providing me with a human-factors perspective.

Associate Professor

My position as associate professor in the Academic Program of Retailing and Consumer Sciences has allowed me to convert my passion for learning about consumer decision-making and behavior into a career. In addition, it has provided me the opportunity to share that passion with my students.

Take Charge America Endowed Professor and Director, Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research

Over the past two decades I’ve been lucky to have a career that was half in the academic world and half in the public policy world. I spent the first eight years of my career as a regular faculty member in an economics department (University of Delaware).

Founding Director of the Retail Center & Professor Emeritus, Norton School of Family & Consumer Sciences

Throughout my higher education teaching career, I placed high value on supplemental, enriching learning experiences beyond the classroom, even before internships were encouraged or offered for credit.  I very often observed students perform at a higher level when they understood the application of subject matter to their career endeavors.  Thus, it was very exciting when the opportunity to develop a Retail Center became a reality..…to develop strong working partnerships between the university and retailers at the corporate level and to provide students increased opportunities to expand thei

Executive in Residence - Former Sr. Vice President of Field Merchandising, The Home Depot

My years in retailing taught me that I may have the vision to create anew business model, but finding the right leadership talent to make that dream real is often the hardest step. That’s why when I saw the talented students at the Lundgren Center; I knew this was a good investment for the future. From the classroom and our own internship hires, the professors and the Lundgren Center professional programs give these young men and women insight and the skills to apply their education in a real world setting.

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