Allie Magon

I am proud and excited to represent both the Student Advisory Board (SAB) and the students within the Retailing and Consumer Sciences (RCSC) this year. As a Junior pursuing a Bachelor of Science major in Retailing and Consumer Sciences, I hope to become a large-scale event planner after college. I was drawn to this major because of the business skills they focus on, intimacy of the program and attention each student receives from faculty. Each faculty member wants to see students succeed and as a part of SAB, I do too. By being on the Student Advisory Board, I plan to help the pre-major and major students for Retailing and Consumer Sciences develop professional skills, network with the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (TJLC) corporate partners, and apply for the many scholarships that SAB fundraises for.

Besides SAB, I also work in the TJLC as a student-worker helping plan the Emerging Talent Recruitment Conference, Global Retailing Conference, corporate partner case competitions and many more exciting events. Before this, I have held many leadership positions including Vice President of Media for the Eller Leadership Board, freshmen professional development mentor, Vice President of Eller Event Planning Association, and Event Lead for the Student Engagement Council. I also had the opportunity to intern full-time this previous summer with California ISO in Folsom, CA to help plan their Energy Stakeholder Symposium. I plan to utilize the skills I have learned from these positions and experiences to strengthen my role as a member on SAB.

This year, I look forward to encouraging interest in each student’s self-discovery and involvement linked to their career goals. I am a strong believer in developing professional skills throughout college, readying each student as a top candidate when applying for jobs. As the SAB ambassador for the University of Arizona Bookstores, I cannot wait to form connections between the corporate partners and RCSC students, as well as encourage each student’s professional and personal growth.

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