Meghan Burch

Hello! My name is Meghan Burch and I am currently a junior majoring in Retailing and Consumer Sciences with minors in Spanish, Business Administration and Communication. I am beyond honored and ecstatic to begin my second semester as a member and first semester as treasure for the Student Advisory Board. Since stepping foot on campus, I have been enthralled in the world of retailing. From the vast networking opportunities, inspiring faculty and successful peers, the students of the Terry J. Lundgren Center have the ability to experience an exception. I was primarily driven into joining the Student Advisory Board by successful members of my sorority, who, as members of the Advisory Board, assisted me in getting acclimated into the major and encouraged me to attend corporate partner visits. It is my main goal to serve in their legacy by equally inspiring all students in the center to become the future leaders of the retailing industry!                                                                        

Throughout my time at the Terry J. Lundgren Center, I have had the opportunity to network with and learn from various partners. From an information session with REI, a luncheon with Petsmart, conference calls with Macy’s and a series of resume building workshops put on by our faculty, the center has exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I personally believe these events have increased my knowledge of the retailing industry, improved my professionalism and have overall made me a stronger, more outgoing leader. It is my greatest intention to increase all student’s knowledge of these privileges in addition to assisting them when needed. As a member of the Student Advisory Board, I plan to increase to communication between our students and our partners by creating more interactive experiences where students can apply their academic knowledge into shaping the future of retail.  I am humbled to be serving as a student ambassador for both Leonisa and Kohl’s.

I am elated to announce that I will be interning at Nike World Headquarters in the Merchandising Department this summer in Beaverton, Oregon. I would not have been able to achieve this milestone without the constant support, faith and encouragement of the Lundgren Center’s Faculty and my peers.

I am so honored to have been given the chance to work with such a prestigious board of leaders. With passion, determination and drive, the board, along with the students of the center, will be able to make an impact on the college that will be seen for generations to come. I am confident this will be the best year yet!

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