Today’s employers are seeking strong academic performance, leadership abilities, and tangible evidence of on-the-job skills among their future employees. Completing an internship that offers an in-depth examination of specific retail positions and businesses enhances your chance of landing a job upon graduation to practice the art and science of retailing as they prepare for their careers.

The Lundren Center and  RCSC program offers you an opportunity to complete a paid internship for academic credit between your junior and senior year. Our students seize the opportunity to become real world ready through this training in store management, merchandising, product development, .com and other areas of specialty. The network established by the TJL Center and our corporate partners will help you obtain internship positions with some of the nation’s foremost retailers and retail support businesses! The RCSC program offers a broad selection of courses emphasizing principles employed to manage the retail supply chain in order to satisfy consumers’ needs.

Learn more about the requirements for a credit based RCSC internship, and read about our students internship experiences below!


Kendo Brands Inc., San Francisco, California, Summer 2016

This summer I completed my internship with Kendo Brands Inc. in San Francisco, California. I was fortunate to find it through a family connection; my Aunt Michelle saw my passion for visual merchandising and my growing interest in the beauty industry and introduced me to the leader of the of the Visual Merchandising department.

Intern, Ross Stores Inc, Summer 2015

Greetings! My name is Mariah Hoskins, and I am a senior at The University of Arizona. This past summer, I had the privilege of interning in Los Angeles, California with Ross Stores Inc., specifically in the Dd’s Discounts Girls 4-16 Tops and Outerwear Department. Before completing this internship, most of my retail experience was on the store side.  However, over those ten weeks, I learned the importance of the corporate side of retail, and how every decision matters.

Intern at Walgreens, May 2014

I have fallen in love with Walgreens; the motto of the company is to “be well,” and that is reflected everywhere within the corporate environment. The people make it clear that they are always willing to offer help, advice, or just be an inspiring person to talk to about retail trends. Walgreen’s puts the customer at the center of all business decisions so things are always changing as the retail and pharmacy needs of the boomers and our generation evolve. OTC and pharmaceuticals are a very important segment of retail at that.

Intern at REI, May 2014

My internship at REI has been a great experience. REI is currently in a peak buying season, so there has been a lot to do, including. Some of the things I have been doing on weekly meetings with vendors, extensive training into all data systems (PO Maintenance, AO, SAP, PivotLink, etc.), final project assignments, lunches with leaders (CEO next week!), product testing, comp shopping, etc. My main mentor is the Category Merchandising Manager for Packs within the Camping department.

Interns at Macy's Inc., 2014

RCSC Students Emmanuel Torres, Meghan Murphy and Mackenzie Lee intern with Macy's Inc.:

Emmanuel says, "Macy's culture is amazing. They have a lot of traditional values. And one of the best parts is living in New York City. It's young, it's fresh, it's trendy... if you want to be a buyer, it's the city you want to live in."

Meghan says, "The best part were the relationships I built. They really care about their employees."

Intern at Kohl's Department Stores, 2014

"I always knew I wanted to make a major impact for a retailer and initially thought that a corporate internship would be the best outlet to achieve my goal. That changed when, on several occasions throughout my senior year, I met Joel Hickok a former Store Manager at Kohl’s Department Stores. Hearing Mr. Hickok speak in my classes about his daily challenges in his career, the continuous opportunities to grow as a professional, and ability to make a lasting impact on Kohl’s as an effective leader caught my interest.

Interns at Nike, Inc., 2014

Talia says, "Going into my 12-week internship with Nike, I wanted to learn about merchandising at a global company and hoped Nike would provide me the opportunity to learn from the best. Within the first five minutes on Nike World Headquarters campus I knew my expectations would be far exceeded. For the next weeks, I became part of the Global Running Merchandising team, experienced merchandising for the largest global running company, participated in projects, developed my network of relationships, and had a lot of fun too.