Homecoming Alumni Feature!

Oct. 31, 2023

Happy Homecoming! Meet our Alumni Morgan Wallen and Chloe Caldwell

Morgan Wallen

Grad Year: May 2020

Current Job: "I’m in Dallas, TX working as a Global Merchant for Fossil Group! Going through the retail program, I knew I wanted to be somewhere in the corporate retail space. Because of my internship with Nike, I knew Merch was what I wanted to do! Happy to report I truly am where I thought I would be!"

What do you miss about U of A?

"I miss so much about UofA! One thing in particular though is all of the different info sessions/events we had. I loved hearing from different companies and people in the industry. It was always so insightful and inspiring as I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do."

A piece of advice for current students:

"A piece of advice I’d give to current students is keep your options open! Don’t feel like you need to be siloed into any one given area, and at the same time don’t count anything out! Most of the time something will turn out wildly different than the perspective you had in your head. Learn about every avenue and take all options into consideration!"

Fun fact:

"Yes, my name is actually Morgan Wallen! I actually gave the country singer my original Instagram handle back in 2018 when I thought he wasn’t going to be famous!"

Chloe Caldwell

Grad Year: December 2020

Current Job: "I’m currently at PetSmart as an associate buyer on the Waste Management desk! Recently moved from dog food (consumables)! During college I knew I would be working in retail, I just didn’t know where. I was happy to find a great job with a strong company that is continuing to grow."

What do you miss about U of A?

"I truly miss the people at UofA, transitioning post college is an interesting time! All your friends move away to different cities, you're starting new jobs, becoming more independent when they used to be your roommates or just down the street!"

A piece of advice for current students:

"Life is a marathon not a sprint. Don't burn yourself out at a young age - your career is a long journey about building competencies, problem solving and figuring out what gets you excited!"

Fun fact:

"I spent my early high school years abroad in England which started my passion for travel or in my free time you can find me at the pickleball court!"