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Bridging Student Experience and to Address the Needs of Retailers

The programming and initiatives within the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing are designed for one, over-arching purpose:  expanding on the knowledge and innovation within the broad and diverse retailing and brand industry.  This goal is address through our many periodic and regular programs - outlined in detail in the sections below - that are focused on our key constituents:  students and industry professionals. 

For students, our efforts are designed to provide opportunities for them to apply the learnings gained in their academic program through close interaction with industry leaders and with one another through experiential, hands-on engagements.  Case competitions, study tours, workshops and seminars, and many others provide avenues for this student connection to the real-world.

For industry professionals, our Global Retailing Ideas Summit is the ultimate opportunity to engage with our campus and leaders in the industry and to learn from them in this casual but highly informative setting.  Executive education opportunities and even engagement with students are all designed to provide additional insights and perspectives that can contribute to their own understanding but those of their company too.

We encourage all interested in this fascinating industry to get involved in one or all of our programs.  Join us!

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Student Leadership

Are you looking to get involved with the Center or use your creativity to solve real-world problems? The Center has created some robust ways for students to gain real-world experiences while solving complex problems and working alongside the industry's leading retailers and brands.  We also seek to cultivate student leaders by supporting a variety of student organizations, who are able to expand the center's reach, orchestrate some major events while networking with industry professionals. 

> Student Organizations 

> Retail Innovation Lab 

> Lundgren Scholars 

Professional Development

Terry J. Lundgren

Looking for ways to develop yourself personally and professionally and expand your knowledge base? Look no further! The Center uses it network of retailing leaders, faculty and and content area experts to offer unique opportunities for students and retail professionals.  These efforts contribute to broadening their understanding of the world of retail and to tackling new problems facing the industry today. From preparing students to enter the workforce to providing continued learning for professionals, we seek to help you learn and develop! 

> Internship and Career Guidance 

> Workshops and Seminars 

> Executive Education 

Industry Opportunities

Are you interested in immersing yourself in the world of retail with tangible, hands-on experiences? The Center closes the gap between the classroom and the retailing industry through its innovative programming for both professionals and college students. For 25 years, the GR | Ideas Summit has been a destination for idea-sharing for retail leadership and professionals, as well as a resource for students. Through Student Global and our regular and ever-changing assortment of study tours, students engage with employers from their very first involvement in the Center! 

> Global Retailing Ideas Summit 

> Student Global 

> Study Tours 

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