Seminars & Workshops

Providing Students with Access to Great Learning Opportunities

A core activity in the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing is designing and presenting various workshops and seminars to students that cover both broad professional skills but also more specific industry knowledge.  These learning opportunities help expand on the overall understanding of the industry but also helps them chart a more productive and satisfying career.  This is also another opportunity for industry leaders to share their expertise and perspectives to students eager to learn and expand on their skill sets.

These workshops and seminars have evolved over the yeas to cover topics particularly relevant to the ever changing

retailing and brand industry.  This ability to move in sync with the industry is inherent in the structure of the Center but also the dedication of our formal partners and many other interested executives who frequently provided valuable content for such engagements. 

For Students:

These seminars support students in their continued learning and development. Topics change each semester, but have typically covered topics such as:

  • LinkedIn and Resume Development - development of an effective professional networking and brand strategy
  • Personal and Professional Goal Setting - creating a path to success through intentional steps 
  • Retail Technology - the role of technology in all facets of retailing
  • Effective Collaboration - understanding team dynamics and discovering tools to be an effective team player and/or leader
  • Many more! 

If you are a student and are interested in joining one of our workshops, please refer to our Calendar for our upcoming events.



Dave Schechter, VP for Air Max, Nike

For Executives:

In addition to being a great opportunity for students to broaden their skills and knowledge for securing and building an effective career, our seminars and workshops also provide a tremendous opportunity for executives interested in the future of the industry to share their valuable expertise.  Leaders from Macy's, Nike, PetSmart, Oracle, SAP and many others are frequently joined us in our seminar and workshop offerings.  These may be via in-person or virtual workshops held throughout the academic year.

If you are an executive with the passion of sharing your insights to our students, please email Elena Rodriguez to learn more about how you can get involved.