Global Retailing Ideas Summit 

For more than two decades, the Global Retailing Ideas Summit has attracted renowned figures in the retail industry to Tucson, Arizona. Visionaries like Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Hsieh, Vera Wang, and others gather to discuss innovation, challenges, and groundbreaking concepts in retail. With the retail sector evolving rapidly, the GR Ideas Summit showcases the most influential and innovative retailers shaping the industry today. Students have the opportunity to engage directly with these retail icons, who offer valuable insights on trends, innovation, and strategies to attract and retain customers and market share. This event provides an unparalleled chance for aspiring businesses, service providers, and retail professionals to network with industry giants and forward-thinkers. Attendees also gain insights into the latest academic research and industry leaders' perspectives on upcoming trends and their significance.

Next Up: Student GR- Ideas Summit

In a bid to advance the professional growth of our Retailing and Consumer Science majors, the Center has decided to revamp the summit's focus and extend this opportunity to the future leaders of retail – our students!

Come spring 2025, we will be introducing the inaugural student-centric global summit. The aim is to motivate the next generation of retail leaders by connecting them with industry experts and influencers. Additionally, we are inviting industry professionals to interact with these talented students as mentors and potentially as future employers. The event will also feature a specialized industry mixer and networking opportunities.

If you're engaged in retail today in any role, if you're building a consumer-oriented business and workforce, or if you offer professional services to the retailing industry and are looking for new talent, you owe it to yourself and your organization to be a part of the GR Ideas Summit.


Speakers and Sponsorships

Raise your company profile and brand visibility by supporting the Global Retailing Ideas Summit. To learn more about being a speaker or supporting sponsor at the next GR Ideas Summit, contact Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing Interim Director, Sheila Kressler Crowley.