Elena Rodriguez

Student Activities and Engagement Coordinator

Elena Rodriguez has five years at the University of Arizona. Her retail journey began with her humble roots, starting as a stocker and cashier at Joann Fabrics, where she learned the fundamentals of hard work, customer service, and the art of teamwork.

Having honed her skills at iconic retailers such as Dillards, Michaels Arts and Crafts, and Costco, Elena has grasped the true essence of customer service and public interaction. She believes that the retail industry is a treasure trove of opportunities, allowing individuals to explore their creativity while nurturing their collaborative spirit. 

 "I love working with a team. Working in retail teaches you how to be a team player and can teach you different ways to show your creative side." 

Elena married her high school sweetheart. They have two kids, one in high school and one currently attending the University of Arizona’s Nursing Collage. Elena finds solace in the outdoors, embarking on exciting family trips and indulging in her love for scary movies.