Since 1993, the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing at the Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences has brought together the resources and expertise of academia and the retailing industry with a shared goal of developing strong future retail professionals. The center’s professional development and hands-on learning opportunities ensure that our Retailing and Consumer Sciences graduates have the skill set, training and preparation and expertise to lead and thrive in a competitive marketplace.  Supported by major retailing and consulting partners, the center incorporates the ideas and innovation that help to inspire the next generation of retail experts – our Future Retail Leaders. 

If you are searching for a corporate opportunity to associate with a quality institution,  let us help you. You can enroll in our programs, get involved with the advisory board, develop a customized sponsorship plan, engage students in projects and case studies, establish a branded scholarship or internship program, or participate in our annual Global Retailing Conference, which focuses on strategies and advances surrounding retail technology and innovation.

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