David Shapiro

I'm a Men's Stylist at a company called Trunk Club headquartered in Chicago. I make sure guys across the country look their best while they put in little to no effort either because they don't have time to shop or because they simply don't know how to.

I do a little bit of everything. From analyzing my sales to see where I can improve (Retail Math), to networking and trying to build my book of business (learned from many career expos and other events held by the Lundgren Center), Visually Merchandise to ensure excitement among my clients (Mr. Kramer's classes), along with trying to see into the mind of the consumer and learn their buying habits. I literally have taken little bits learned not only from each class but, from every experience including Trend, Career Expo, etc. I also definitely still have my Retail Math textbook I reference every now and then.

Being a stylist is a lot of fun but no where near as glamorous as many people think much like the perception that being a buyer is glamorous which, I also learned first hand is not. Both jobs are extremely rewarding but, you have to put your head down and work, hard. Which was probably one the most important lessons I learned while being a student of the RCSC program.