Van Pham

I started out as an intern with Dillard's in summer 2012. I had full 3 months of the internship, learning a lot about management, how to run the department. After the internship, the Store Manager want me to come back and work for Dillard's when I am done with school. During my last year of school, my Store Manager asked me to come and work as a part-time sales associate while finishing up with school. I graduated last May, 2013. Had 2 days off and start my full-time job as an Selling Business Manager in Women department. 5 week after that, I got promoted to a salaries position which is Area Sales Manager for Children department. And this is my current position at the store now.

Each day coming to work for me is an adventure. Everyday, I am meeting new customers, seeing new faces, seeing lots of kids and having so much fun at work. Usually my day started with checking numbers, checking my business from the day before. After that, I come out and meet with my associates and working on the floor. Assign the projects for the associates, making schedule, interviewing people for the job, plan special event for my area, also helping the other mangers to take care of other departments if their managers are not there. Each day is different, depend on what is priority what need to get done first, then I will get them done.