Intern at Kohl's Department Stores

"I always knew I wanted to make a major impact for a retailer and initially thought that a corporate internship would be the best outlet to achieve my goal. That changed when, on several occasions throughout my senior year, I met Joel Hickok a former Store Manager at Kohl’s Department Stores. Hearing Mr. Hickok speak in my classes about his daily challenges in his career, the continuous opportunities to grow as a professional, and ability to make a lasting impact on Kohl’s as an effective leader caught my interest.  I became educated on the role of a Store Manager at Kohl’s and realized that I can make a major impact on the company by working as an in-store executive manager.  I particularly liked that company executives were easily accessible, informative, and full of encouragement. I never felt that I was forgotten about or undermined and knew that my success was a priority for store, district, and regional managers. I would definitely recommend this internship to any student that is looking to explore retail store management in a hands-on, fast-paced environment with a competitive and thriving corporation."