Intern at Walgreens
May 2014

I have fallen in love with Walgreens; the motto of the company is to “be well,” and that is reflected everywhere within the corporate environment. The people make it clear that they are always willing to offer help, advice, or just be an inspiring person to talk to about retail trends. Walgreen’s puts the customer at the center of all business decisions so things are always changing as the retail and pharmacy needs of the boomers and our generation evolve. OTC and pharmaceuticals are a very important segment of retail at that. And, there is so much excitement in the air here as well with the high potential for the launch of a global platform very soon.

My boss is the vitamin/diet buyer, and she’s phenomenal. She is so confident around vendors but at the same time she is very easygoing and funny, and makes everyone laugh and at ease during meetings. She always has an analytical rationale to back up her decisions, and always puts the customer first which makes me consider the role analytics can play in my career too. All the interns stay together and housing was included with our hiring package. After work, we all love to go to yoga to unwind from the day and then cook dinner and hang out. On the weekends, we take a simple train ride into the city and explore. Walgreens is on the board of museums for Chicago, so we get to do all the touristy stuff for free! Walgreens has taken us places as well with our managers as well–my favorite was a beautiful architecture tour on the Chicago River. We also had a tour of a flagship store followed by a standup comedy show.