Meng Gao

I had changed my major twice before I came to the retail program – turns out this was a great choice for me.  The reason I chose the retailing and consumer sciences program is because the courses they offered are very dedicated for a career in the retailing industry: you can go into merchandising, marketing, buying, product development, supply chain and E-commerce, etc. The Terry J. Lundgren Center staff really works hard to keep your best interests and future in mind. Besides study, there is always something fun and beneficial going on throughout the week: club activities, information session about networking and job-hunting skills, etc. They have provided me with insights and great opportunities within the industry.   Through these resources, I got the chance to visit the showrooms of some designer brands in L.A. and I worked with 2014 Tucson Fashion Week as an intern. The most exciting opportunity I had was to design a T-shirt for international students that will be selling at the U of A bookstore.

My plans after graduation are to work in New York then return to China. The Chinese market is experiencing a prompt growth and I am very confident about my future success in China by utilizing the knowledge and experience that I obtained from the TJL Center - they are my lifelong gems.