Student Advisory Board New Member Application

What is the Student Advisory Board? 

The Student Advisory Board is directly affiliated with the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing. While this is an amazing opportunity to build your resume and professionally develop yourself, it does ask of more time to be dedicated to the organization than an ordinary club would call for.

The professional board asks of its ambassadors to partake in the following: 

  • Dedicated fundraising time
  • 1 hour each week to attend our scheduled meetings
  • Additional 1-2 hours every few weeks to attend SAB sponsored workshops/fundraising/community building events during the semester (times/dates will be developed according to your availability)
  • Additional 1 hours every few weeks to attend any special events facilitated by the TJLC

These events’ times and dates will be provided early on for you to incorporate them into your schedules and will be made with you in mind! 

Your responsibilities will also include:

  • Organizing and creating student led workshops
  • Fundraising for student scholarships
  • Maintaining corporate partner relationships
  • Notifying our corporate advisory board of updates in the TJLC
  • Attending and helping the center put on the Global Retailing Ideas Summit each year
  • Maintaining a positive image of the TJLC and the University of Arizona
  • Attending TJLC events and promoting engagement with students of the program
  • Taking on small and manageable tasks throughout the semesters 

Being on the board you will have a lot of creative freedom when developing workshops and panels for students. SAB is meant to be student lead with guidance from advisors when needed, which leaves a lot of room to grow your leaderships skills. Being points of contact for corporate partners also provides you with the chance to improve your communication skills and build professional relationships with those in the retail industry. This professional development has led ambassadors be able to testify to their career development and has played a role in many getting their jobs and internships. They are motivated individuals seeking opportunities to grow their industry knowledge and also lead others. This organization gives students the opportunity to meet with likeminded people and create professional/academic experiences that last a lifetime! 

Spring 2024 applications due date TBD.

Application questions and completed applications are to be submitted via email to Elena Rodriguez at  


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